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coda exhibition

our first exhibition as second years was a total success! despite the fact that our tutors pushed up our show date last minute, everything fell into place nicely! we were so happy with the way the pieces fit into the space and how the show looked as a whole as well. we had a few wicked tutorials with a wonderful man named pete fillingham just before the setting up of the show to make us think about our work a bit differently. a very inspiring bloke who talked to us about disprupting spaces in new ways, re-inventing them to suit our work. so, here are some shots of the show!

my piece:

to go along with our exhibition in the foyer of the uni, we also had a second foyer space that we used as a sort of archive to show our research and/or work leading up to our final piece. we used text, objects, and film to show our thinking.... here are some shots...

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