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an art birthday in the park

thanks to traingular brush (a collaborating group of three wonderful artists), myself and jeni johnson (my before mentioned art partner in crime) were asked to have a little show/happening/shindig in brockwell park as part of triangular brush's series of shows entitled 'art birthdays'; the art itself having the birthday. as a fun new space, we packed up our things and drove over to brockwell park and carried our somewhat heavy objects to an interesting little pavilion in the middle of the park. with quite a few strange looks and a load of smiles, we had a wicked good time. having a bunch of sort of random objects, as a group we placed these things in a way we thought suitable. have a look at some of the images that came from this little birthday!

for other events hosted by triangular brush, check out their facebook page here: triangular brush

to follow the wonderful jeni johnson, check out her blog here: jeni anne johnson

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