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a necessary distraction: break up the daydream

yesterday was a blur... i'll start there. it was a good blur though. first of all, my parents are coming to visit in five days (been counting down since forever it seems), and i absolutely cannot wait to see them! also, from what i hear the unofficial parade was a complete success, but i unfortunately am still waiting on photos! I almost bought a last minute plane ticket with the credit card, but i controlled myself. i need to be sensible! so, in order to distract myself a bit, I had a little happening. My classmates and I have started a little mini series of shows called "one white wall". This was inspored by an artist talk by an eccentric man called Dallas Seitz. Our thoughts are (since we have such a little studio) to make use our one big white wall as a sort of gallery space. So every week one of us will have a little show. well, mine was yesterday!

having quite a few things going on in my brain lately this day just kinda crept right up on me. After feeling a bit unprepared, things ended up quite nice and relaxed. I had a video I had just kinda thrown together (and finished the day of, resulting in a few unwanted glitches that couldn't be helped) that was played throughout the 'happening' as i call it. I didn't really consider it a show as it was more about sitting and relaxing with eachother in a comfortable and interesting environment. my video was a snippet of some bunnies drying on a clothes line, swaying in the breeze, and text was dropped in filling the screen and eventually turning it completely white. the passing of time was also part of it in some odd way... the video itself was a bit of an interesting thing... it consisted of one slide of a powerpoint presentaion; an hour long slide... my tutor, charlotte, absolutely despises powerpoint presentations, so this was sorta dedicated to that idea.

anyway, here are some photos

(sorry they aren't the best quality... they have come from phones and sent through the interwebs and other social media...)

thanks for looking! hopefully see you soon with parade photos!!


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