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Get your butt in gear....

Welp, this is a little embarrassing to mention (and if there is anyone out there who even follows my website, they will be fully aware), but I have not posted in 4 years.... oof. I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, but I have been a bit incognito since moving back from London 4 years ago. From being fully immersed in my masters degree with art everywhere to moving home, changing jobs and having a baby, it has been hard to make time for me and my art. Don't get me wrong, I have been making (some) art for me, lots for local businesses and a whole bunch for little artists too; I just haven't kept the world up to date (if there is anyone really out there reading). I won't make you listen to my life story since London, but I am currently teaching music (what?!) and an art class at the local University (that's right, Professor Eaton)! Thankfully, my job at the University got my butt in gear to actually make work for a show. My good friend and I had been talking about writing/illustrating a book together for a long time and the Faculty Show got my butt in gear to actually make time for art making (even if that time is 9pm..... #momlife). So, below is the start of said book. Madeleine's story is epic, and can be heard on my soundcloud ( under "Etta's Book". Yes, it is indeed a story about my daughter.... are you really surprised?. So, have a gander and hopefully and I can keep up with art making and posting.... wish me luck!

Blurry, but adorable, picture of the writer and the girl...

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