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Life is a bit crazy right now... having recently finished up my mfa, changes have begun already.

A week from tomorrow my hubby and i fly back to america. there has been and will be many more goodbyes, BUT there are hellos on the horizon and new art-ing plans in the making!!

A couple mates and I have begun some discussions about continued collaboration through digital means. The lovely Jeni Anne Johnson and Paul David Mitchell and myself have joined forces to create work about 'comings and goings'; all having changed and grown and moved recently and in the coming days.

Jeni and i serendipitously happen to be in new york at the same time coming up in a couple weeks. Connections between time, places, people, and things continue to amaze me! We three have decided to embark on a digital adventure of art-ing. Central Park being the starting point. ​

After a couple last meetings in London (over fish, chips and beer, of course!) the ideas are flowing. Heading in the direction of a video piece, we have begun a bit of filming in various locations and will continue filming in central park. At the moment we are interested in movement and conversation.... comings and goings... tales and meetings.

I am sooo very excited to be working with these two amazing artists... who's knows what will transpire!

Updates to follow!

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