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the makings of the "unofficial parade"...

sooooo.... i am not sure if i have yet mentioned, but i have some very exciting news! some fellow artists and i are having a one day show (or as we like to call it, a parade) in dublin! it is called the "unofficial parade" as it will be just before st. paddy's day! below is the gorgeous poster!

as a starving artist, i (unfortuantely) cannot actually make it to the show! major bummer, but with some creative problem solving, i decided to make my contribution as boxes sent snail mail style! following along with the theme of floats and parades, i thought to fill the boxes with light, fluffy and floaty materials (and partly due to shipping costs... one must be creative when one has zero money...). the boxes themselves will be staged in the show as well, having made the journey across the land and sea; scrapes, dents, postage and all!! as the loverly triangular brush were the ones to invite me along, i decided to keep materials basic and let them have a little play around with them once they arrive ('they' referring to the loverly ladies and the boxes) ...

i have already sent a few boxes to the gallery and they are patiently awaiting the arrival of the unofficial parade! it is all very exciting to have made these funny little boxes, send them snail mail, have them end up somewhere new, and leave them in the hands of my fellow artists to display! i can't wait to see what they end up doing with all my weird and random things!

my art partner in crime, the wonderful jeni johnson, is also taking part and we have talked a bit about combining some images we made together along with some of her own and some of my boxes as well! i love me a good collaboration and she is basically amazing so it should be wicked awesome! (the poster photo is one image we created together! love it!)

living so far from so many of my family and friends, i have very much enjoyed decorating and sending packages across the pond, and this project gives me even more of a chance to so some mail art!

the following are a few sneak peaks of what is to comes.. i would love to show you all of my photos, but i can't give too much away yet!


oh this one is me!

a parade has got to have some sparkle, don't you think?!

and balloons of course!

hope i have sparked your curiousity and have you hooked!

seventeen days until parade time... updates to follow!

thanks for looking!

oh! and thanks to MART gallery and A4 sounds for hosting our unofficial parade! check them out here: MART and A4 Sounds

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